A dual-screen ultra-portable notebook manufatured by Toshiba. It doesn’t have physical keyboard instead there is a 7in WSVGA LED multi touchscreen as the replacement. The W100 offer up to six virtual keyboards to suit user preferences. There are full Qwerty layout, simplified Qwerty keyboars, a 10-key numeric pad, split keyboard for thum-typing, etc. Each of them have haptic feedback to simulate keypresses and also a virtual trackpad.
Librettos is the smallest and lightest notebook Toshiba ever made. The dimensions only (WxDxL) 202x123x30.7 mm. And the weight at the scale 776 gram including battery. Its really quite interesting piece of hardware. But with RM 3900+ …. it’s too expensive for just averege person like me.
Here are the Specifications of Libretto W100
PROCESSOR: Intel Pentium U5400 Duo Core
DISPLAY: Two 7 inch WSVGA LED Multi touch (1.024×600 pixel resolution)
GRAPHICS: Intel HD Graphics
STORAGE: 62GB solid-state drive
CONNECTIVITY: Wifi 802.lln, 10/100 Ethernet port, bluetooth 2.1
PORTS: 1 USB port, microSD card, mono microphone, mono speaker and earphone jack.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
OTHER FEATURES: Accelerometer, 1.3-megapixel webcam and six choices of virtual multimode keyboards ( with haptic feedback to stimulate normal keypresses)
BATTEREY: 4-cell
DIMENSIONS: 202x123x30.7 mm (WxDxL)
WEIGHT: 776 gram (with Batt)